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Gas Boilers - Installations

Gas boilers and gas central heating are our specialities.

We offer a complete service, from fault finding and repairs, servicing and upgrading. We only fit boilers from reputable manufacturers with a proven reliability record - ones that we have tried and tested over the years.

And we do our best to provide suitable options to match most householders' budgets.

We can provide any of the boiler systems as briefly listed below and can modify any existing set up as necessary. We are also additionally qualified to supply and fit unvented hot water mains pressure systems.

Conventional Boilers (Standard or High Efficiency)

Conventional boilers use a traditional system, which heats up a store of water before you need to use it, via a hot water cylinder and header tank or hot water cylinder and sealed system.

Back Boilers

Back boilers are hidden away behind gas fires, freeing up space. Due to current energy efficiency legislation back boilers now are normally removed and replaced with a high efficiency boiler in a new location

Combination Condensing Boilers (High Efficiency)

A combi (or combination boiler) is a compact and highly efficient unit giving all the heating and hot water you need, with significant savings on running and installation costs. It extracts more heat from the flue gases than a standard boiler, so very little heat is wasted through the flue, which saves you money on your heating bills. Unlike a conventional heating and hot water system, a combi boiler system does not store domestic hot water. It heats water directly from the cold mains as you use it. There’s no hot water cylinder, no tank in the loft (and so less risk of freezing and flooding), and none of the connecting pipework. So you not only save space, but also reduce hot water costs which can account for up to 60% of a typical domestic fuel bill.

A combi also supplies hot water at mains pressure, giving you exhilarating power showering without the need for a pump. As, on average, a shower uses considerably less water than a typical bath, the savings on hot water costs and water consumption can be significant.

According to the Government funded Energy Saving Trust the average British household produces six tonnes of CO2 and spends nearly 900 on electricity and fuel every year.

Replacing an ageing conventional boiler with a condensing boiler could immediately save your household 30% or more, a figure which can increase to 40% when combined with upgraded heating controls.

Older type boilers tend to waste a lot of valuable energy, with many converting as little as 60% of your expensive gas into useful heat. By comparison a condensing boiler from Connected can increase efficiency to produce a conversion rate of up to 97%.

Even replacing a 15 year old boiler with a new high-efficiency, fan assisted equivalent will save up to 20% on fuel costs.

Since 2005 most new gas boilers installed in England must, by law, be of the high efficiency condensing type. Not only will a condensing boiler save you money on heating bills, but it will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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